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From Concept to Production

Companies looking for innovations in their business often need support in unknown fields of expertise. Especially in the textile and garment industries, knowhow in electronics is not widely spread. On the other side, product and electronics specialist do not know about the fantastic possibilities of conductive textile material and integration techniques. As experts in our domain we could help you in your project, especially if

  • integration of electronics into textile materials is an important topic for you
  • flexible, durable and low weight components are required
  • conductive textile components like wires, sensors or actuators are part of your project
  • distributed wearable electronics are part of your portfolio or roadmap
  • IoT applications with multi-sensor systems do matter in your business

Our services are available for all stages of your product development, starting from idea (concept or feasibility study), through system definition and specification, development and certification, ending with preparation and production ramp-up.

iThermFlex S, heating up the kidney area


If Wearable Electronics is new to your organization and you want to provide a fast access to Wearable Electronics and implementation expertise. Workshops are always customized to your needs and expectation. At example a typical workshop for a heated system contains lectures on basics like

  • Basics on electricity like Ohm's law
  • Absolute and relative heating power
  • Connectivity topics
  • Integration methods
  • Blueprint for heating applications
  • Cost considerations etc.

At the end, we define your basic requirements and will provide you a mockup system for your studies.

Feasibility Study

Take advantage of our development know-how and industrialization experience of more than 130 projects and our R&D partner network for electronics and smart textiles:

  • If you aim to integrate new components - especially conductive textile components - or use new integration methods
  • If your past project failed or the product is not meeting user or cost requirements

Product Development

If you have specified your product and looking for a partner to develop and manufacture it, you could rely on our ability to execute:

  • From system specification to demonstrators, prototypes, salesman samples to volume production.
  • Our track record includes thousands of heating, lighting, communication and sensing products on the market.

Committed to deliver

We are used to work with designers and product managers in garment industry. We know that you need to deliver in time: For fairs, salesmen and manufacturers.