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Make your Product Smart

Customers seek for unique solutions to enhance their innovative products. Interactive Wear offers efficient and effective solutions based on existing components, platforms and products.

We are happy to discuss your ideas. What matters most is a clear product specification. In case a specification is not yet available, we can assist you by conducting a workshop or executing a feasibility study.

We supply development kits, software, hardware and integration components, and we have already gained extensive experience implementing ideas into the products on over 180 projects.

Just contact us if you have any questions


Visibility and Safety

We design and produce light systems for integration into garments and accessories. The LED based solutions are flexible and washable and can be designed to stretch.


Comfort and Convenience

We design and produce customized wearable and mobile heating solutions based on innovative conductive materials. The solutions are scalable, washable, robust, and lightweight.


Acquire and Analyze

Our sensory systems can measure vital parameters, motion, pressure, strain and environmental data. A wide range of innovative sensor fusion applications can be realized, from activity recognition to complex monitoring.

Components and enabling technologies

Interactive Wear focuses on a seamless connectivity in combination with textile integration. Our wearable technologies and smart textiles application expertise is unique in the smart textile market. We develop customer products based on a broad portfolio of electronic systems, utilizing a modular platform strategy. This has allowed us to deploy more than 130 commercialized wearable and smart textiles projects.

Textile Integration

Flexibility and Robustness


Sustainability and Mobility


Embedded Control & Communication

Textile Cables - Connect your Ideas

We work together with textile specialists to develop and provide materials for component assembly. Our partners supply embroidery, weaving and knitting with different materials, from silver coating, through stainless steel and copper up to graphene or other carbon type of materials.


1 2B05-USB-A
2 2B05-SB12Y
3 2B05-USB-MIC
4 2B05-Audio35

Textile Cables

5 6B10-TWC3005
6 10B17-TWC3005

Elastic Textile Cables

7 2B10E30C-TWC3005
8 2C11E50E-TWC4005
9 2W27E50C-TWC3005