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Heat Applications

Seamless Integration into Textiles

Heating applications reinforce one of the basic functionalities of garments: keeping the cold outside. They could be integrated into textiles for fashion, sports, work wear as well as in accessories or interior products.

iThermX is a solution platform designed to realize lightweight, flexible, breathable and safe heating applications. This modular heating platform combines lightweight and robust heating elements, controllers and power supplies to ready to go heating solutions. Heating elements are made with embroidered, single coated litz wires meeting automotive quality standards in order to minimize the risk of hot-spots. Textile power supply cables are available with several connectors, e.g. USB-A connectors.


  • How much heat power is supported?

    Typical heat applications run with 5W to 30W heat power

  • Which temperature can be reached?

    Based on the operating conditions, the heat panel design and the integration of the panel into the fabrics, we can reach a temperature increase of+5°C to 50°C.

  • How can I control the system?

    We provide basic systems with plug and heat functionality as well as active controller with temperature and power control. 

  • Infusion Warmer

    This system supports first responders and deployed personnel in cold areas of operations. It heats up the infusion liquidsw to allow application of warm infusions to patients with hypothermia. The integrated control unit allows to regulate the infusion temperature.

  • Comfort

    The patented iTherm Flex technology provides cost efficient, robust and lightweight multi zone heating to textile products as jackets, pants, home-textiles and automotive seats. Designed as one size fits all, the unique iTherm Flex heating elements could be adopted to a variety of configurations and allow easy integration into custom product designs.


The Flex-S Standard system is a cost efficient heating solution for fashion, sports and work wear apparel. The heating element is designed to work with off-the-shelf USB 5V/2A power banks with a thermal power output of ca. 8W.
iTherm Flex-S can be used for one  or two zone heating, e.g. kidney heating.
Due to its compact design, it is perfectly suited for cost efficient, large volume production.


The Flex-M Standard doubles the Flex-S pad size providing a prospective interconnect line in between. It could be used as one compact heating area or could be cut into two interconnected heat pads, e.g. for designing jackets for chest heating or pants for heating thighs.


The Flex-L Standard system is “a one size fits all” heating solution that is designed to work in a power range up to 12V/3A and is compatible with mobile power supplies (e.g. 3-cell Lithium-Ion power banks with 11.1V) or optionally with 12V automotive or motor bike batteries.
The heating element is designed for a thermal power output up to 36 W. The master layout can be cut into as much as six heating zones for jackets, e.g. kidney, shoulder, and front pads.

iTherm Flex

Samples available to purchase: iTherm Flex-S incl. XT5000 5V/2A max 8.5 W and iTherm Flex-L incl. iPower Flex with 9.2V/2A max 19W; both power banks are providing ca. 18 Wh capacity